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PAA Cretan Earthquake Relief Fund--Help Us Raise Needed Funds for Crete

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As you may all know by now, a series of earthquakes has struck our beautiful island in and around the vicinity of Arkalochori Iraklio. The link below is a news story that reports that over a thousand families have lost their homes and or the means of their livelihood in Crete. The news report is in Greek.

Our representative for the eastern half of Crete Mr Ippokratis Beladakis has been in communications with the Governor of Crete and the Mayors of the affected towns and we have let them know that we stand with them. He also is updating us on a daily basis as to the recovery/restoration process and where the PAA can help the most. The PAA has always risen to the occasion when tragedies and hardship hits our fellow Greeks and Cretan family. I am sure that this will be no different.

The PAA Philanthropic Committee has directed $5,000.00 and the PAA Board has also committed $5,000.00 from our General Fund to create a matching challenge. In other words, for every dollar donated, up to $10,000.00, the PAA will match your donation dollar for dollar and your donation will be doubled!

We are asking that districts, chapters and individuals to donate today and to make an impact on the lives of our fellow Cretans. If you wish to sent a check, please mail it to Dianne Sophinos, PAA Secretary 338 Bayberry Drive, Lake Park Florida 33403 and write Earthquake relief in the memo line.

If you have any questions or wish to participate in any fundraising effort for this important cause please feel free to contact the chairperson for this effort Maria Vavourakis Lalios at or call her at 727-204-9183.


James (Iakovos) Boutzoukas

President, Pancretan Assoc. of America

News Report on the Earthquake in Crete--in Greek

DONATE HERE--PAA Cretan Earthquake Relief Fund

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