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The Pancretan Association of America (PAA) is a national organization comprised of members who support and perpetuate Cretan culture through scholarship, educational, cultural and philanthropic programs for those in the United States, Canada and in Crete.  Founded by descendants from Crete, the PAA strives to promote the rich historical significance of the island, while also preserving its “philoxenia” and “philotimo.”

 The PANCRETAN ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA (PAA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the cultivation and preservation of the rich cultural heritage of Crete and the empowerment of its members to become effective and responsible citizens. Through its diverse programs, PAA reaches out to Cretans of all ages in the United States and Canada making a positive difference in the lives of individual members, supporting the chapters of which they are a part and educating the public about the history and culture of Crete. For 90 years PAA has been a cornerstone of the Greek-American community, fostering philanthropy, educational programs, scholarships and cultural events.