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Philanthropic Programs


debbie nikokavouras
Evangeline Alpogianis
PAA Philanthropic Chair, 2019 -2021
Over the history of the Pancretan Association a great variety of philanthropic programs have been supported. Some of the works include:
  • Over $250,000 to help the impoverished sick.
  • Over $100,000 to help for burials.
  • Gifts over $150,000 to the Theological School and other church ministries.
  • A gift of $350,000 for matching funds to build the "Venizelion Hospital" in Herakleon under the Marshal Plan of 1945.
  • Gifts totaling about $85,000 to the hospital in Hania.
  • A gift of $50,000 to the hospital in Rethimno.
  • A gift of $250,000 to the Greek Government following the end of German occupation in 1945.
  • A gift of $120,000 for the orphans of WW II in Greece.
  • A gift of $120,000 for dowries of WW II orphan girls in Crete.
  • A gift of $50,000 for the Cypriot refugees of 1974.

The PAA has established a philanthropic endowment fund where generous members and friends can contribute to assist people in need. Today this endowment fund has over $100,000.

Century Club Endowment Fund

Since 1929, the Pancretan Association of America has donated over one and a half million dollars to establish and support hospitals, churches, orphanages, universities, and other institutions in Crete. PAA’s Funding has also helped the underprivileged as well as medical research programs to help combat Cooley’s. More recently, it was recognized that the demographic makeup and needs of PAA’s membership had drastically changed, and that the most important priority of the association should be to assist its members young and old retain their Cretan and Hellenic culture and Identity. PAA thus responded to the needs of its American born Cretans of second, third and fourth generation, consequently, the Century Club Endowment Fund was established to endow the Scholarship, Educational and Cultural Programs of the PAA through a national fund raising effort. The scope of the fund is to endow, on a continuing basis, both the Venizelion Scholarship Fund and the Educational and Cultural Program, to benefit the Cretan Youth of America.