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Philanthropic Programs


debbie nikokavouras
Evangeline Alpogianis
PAA Philanthropic Chair, 2019 -2021
Over the history of the Pancretan Association a great variety of philanthropic programs have been supported. Some of the many works and programs include:
  • Over $250,000 to help the impoverished sick.
  • Over $100,000 to all of these organizations throughout Crete--Agios Nektarios and K.H.F.A.M.E.A in Chania; Iera Metropolis Lampis, Syvritou Spili and Metropolis of Rethymnon and Mylopotamou; Panagias Kalyvianni in Iraklion and Philanthropy Silogos O Samaritis in Lasithi.  
  • Gifts to the Philoxenia House in Brookline, MA and the Greek American Rehabilitation & Care Center in Chicago
  • Sent three large containers of Medical Equipment, with the assistance of the IOCC, and in association with the Cretan Alumni Network (CAN) to hospitals and clinics throughout Crete and mainland Greece. Value of the equipment sent was over $1.5 million dollars
  • Sent one container to Crete in partnership with the World Council of Cretans of medical supplies.
  • Donated $90,000 for Crete Relief to the Food Kitchens in Crete--Sisithia 
  • Raised $85,000 during the AGAPE fundraiser in Chicago for philanthropic projects in Crete (as noted in the next bullet point)
  • Raised $35,000 during the Navy Pier fundraiser in Chicago for projects in Crete which include Agios Nektarios Orphanage in Chania, Agape Center in Rethymno; the Samaritan Philanthropic Organization in Lasithi.
  • Sent $20,000 to the Archdiocese of Chania and $5,000 to the Archiodiocese in Iraklion in the summer of 2013
  • Raised funds for the Orizontas in Chania --a facility that helps children with cancer; Panagias Kalyvianias--orphanage and Senior family in Iraklion; Kinoniko Iyatrio in Rethymnon that gives aid to those in medical need that do not have insurance.  
  • Over $30,000 raised during the Samaria Gorge Walk, organized by Demetrios Mazacoufa, for all these various programs throughout Crete
  • Created a fundraiser for the wildfires in Greece in 2018 and donated over $50,000
  • Created a fundraiser for Covid-19 Philanthropic Fund to help members affected by Covid-19 and sending care packages to senior members living on their own, in senior communities or hospitalized with Covid-19.  
  • Over $100,000 to help for burials.
  • Gifts over $150,000 to the Theological School and other church ministries.
  • A gift of $350,000 for matching funds to build the "Venizelion Hospital" in Herakleon under the Marshal Plan of 1945.
  • Gifts totaling about $85,000 to the hospital in Hania.
  • A gift of $50,000 to the hospital in Rethimno.
  • A gift of $250,000 to the Greek Government following the end of German occupation in 1945.
  • A gift of $120,000 for the orphans of WW II in Greece.
  • A gift of $120,000 for dowries of WW II orphan girls in Crete.
  • A gift of $50,000 for the Cypriot refugees of 1974.

The PAA has established a philanthropic endowment fund where generous members and friends can contribute to assist people in need.