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PAA President - Eleftherios Dramitinos


I feel a deep sense of pride and honor leading one of the strongest and most active ethnic fraternal organizations in the United States.

Our goals today remain the same as when they were established in 1929: 

"to perpetuate our great culture and heritage, continue with our history of philanthropy and involve our youth more directly in the operation of the PAA along with our support of them to insure the future of our organization" 

To that end, our talented Board of Directors and I are committed to working collaboratively with our local chapters and our youth to address the challenges you face, share your successes with the rest of our organization, and introduce programs that support our mission. 

  • We need to strengthen our association from within by opening lines of communications.                                                                          
  • We need to develop tools to make our chapters more prosperous, more productive, and more efficient.                                                                                                                                                                       
  • We need to look to the future and develop and enhance programs that benefit and help us retain and increase membership.                                                                                                                                            
  • And, most importantly, we need to learn from each other and work together in harmony.

The health of the PAA depends on our collective commitment to promote and support the vision and the value of the PAA.   I, along with our national board, look forward to working with the entire membership to solidify the bond of a unified, national fraternity.