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Alekos Marmatakis
Culture & Education Chair

The proclamation of the Pancretan Association of America vision:

• To promote and develop social ethnic and cultural relationships and mutuality among all Cretans and their descendants residing in the United States and Canada.

• To promote and develop education through scholarships and otherwise to raise voluntary contribution and funds and to distribute such funds to legally recognized philanthropic institutions and educational, charitable, or cultural purposes.

• To promote throughout the world, and especially in the United States of America, a better and more comprehensive understanding of Crete and its history and culture.

It is clear that it is our obligation towards our chapters and their members as well as towards all Greeks in USA in general, to find ways to bring the splendor of our culture and values closer to their homes.

PAA’s Vision statements are the foundation of PAA’s Culture & Education Committee.

Our committee should always look for new ways to bring our culture closer to ALL of our members, their families and friends all over USA and Canada. 

Kazantzakis Articles

Please Join us to Celebrate the Splendor of our Culture!

The P.A.A. in coordination with all Chapters in USA, presents a series of events dedicated to the Splendor of our Greek Culture and Heritage. These events include, theater, concerts, stand up comedy, presentations on Erotokritos, Kazantzakis and on the history of the Church of Crete, just to name a few.

The goal is to reconnect older generations with their origins and inspire younger generations to keep our traditions alive in the years to come.

Click on an image below to see more information on events and media organized by the Culture and Education Committee: