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PAA President - Lefteris Dramitinos


  The year 2016 reminds us of a great milestone in our history and existence as Cretans.  150 years ago, close to 1000 men, women, and children in the Arkadi Monastery fought and died for freedom.  This event shocked and changed the world’s perception of the Cretans’ fight for freedom and union with motherland Greece. The ultimate sacrifice of those heroes paved the way to what Crete is today: a proud Greek island with prideful people who know that their ancestors defended the core values of freedom, culture, and religion throughout the centuries of multiple invaders.  The PAA feels the same pride here in the United States, and we keep our strong promise not to forget the Holocaust of Arkadi.


Pancretan Association of America Strategic Foundation


Vision - By Panagiotis Psarakis  
President, 2015 - 2017 

Build a stronger “PAA & PYA Community of Chapters” where chapters are empowered to maintain & disseminate the values of the Greek and Cretan culture

We are one of the most vibrant and active groups in the Greek communities throughout the United States.

Our chapters do take cultural initiatives in their local communities and that needs to be reinforced with PAA’s help

A healthy, active and robust PAA & PYA Community of Chapters is the cornerstone of our existence in the U. S.


Chapter Rejuvenation , Resurgence and Chapter/PAA interface restructure

Rejuvenate our chapters by providing the necessary tools to make them successful

Reinstitute programs that have worked in the past (Leadership Workshops, Mentor Program,..)

Help reestablish chapters that are currently inactive.

Improve the interface between PAA and chapters and utilize all forms of media to enhance the link between the national board and the local chapters (KPHTH Magazine, email, teleconferences, social media, email blasts, etc.)
  • Visits to the chapter by Board members along with the respective Governors to see and hear first-hand any issues requiring attention and to share “best practices” uncovered during other chapter visits.
Strengthen the sense of belonging to PAA by introducing benefits , such as insurance discounts.

Promote a Board that is flexible to the needs of our chapters


– Trust, Participation, Sincerity( is our reputation)

– Perseverance, Respect, ( is our culture)


– Our members

– The values of our culture

Click here for the Pancretan Association of America Strategic Foundation 2015-2017 presentation by Panagiotis Psarakis.